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In all my eagerness to get the Women of the DC Universe story up, I completely missed this little tid-bit from Adam. Catwoman issue number 82 will mark the end of the DC Comics ongoing series. Adam will at that time cease doing covers for DC, and focus all of his efforts on completing his much anticipated 6-issue story, All Star Wonder Woman. What? Catwoman is being canceled? Dear Reader, have you not been listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast where we discuss such things? via Adam Hughes

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What exactly goes on behind the iron curtain of superheroes? Sure we get to see Bruce brooding in his cave, Clark attempting to have a normal life with Lois, Wally and family trying to cope with their particular lifestyle, but all of these views are from the perspective of the writer, not the person living in the world of the heroes. It is surprising that there are not more stories that focus on the celebrity aspect of superheroes and the lengths those heroes will go through to keep their private life separate from their hero identity. Fortunately, Noble Causes from

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