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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Only two remain this week, and they discuss Star Wars money, DC rumors, John Carter of Mars #14, Weirdworld #1 and answer your questions.

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Baltimore Comic-Con
Baltimore Comic Concomic convention

Ticket sales for the Baltimore Comic-Con have gone on sale. The three day event takes place September 5-7, 2014, and the prices are much cheaper than another big comic convention taking place in July.

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Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionHarvey Awards

Press Release Tickets can now be purchased for the 2009 Baltimore Comic-Con in person or online.  Tickets to the Baltimore Comic-Con, taking place on Saturday, October 10th and Sunday,  October 11th at the Baltimore Convention Center, will be available in person at our store, in person at shows around the country, and on-line.

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Harry PotterMovies

I really thought Transformers or Star Trek would be the big box office buster of the summer, but here it is not quite Friday (check the post date), and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has already hit $100 million worldwide.  Granted only $58.2 million is from U.S. ticket sales, but the one day total is astounding. This is the largest opening for the movie franchise, even though the final book came out two years ago.  I would have thought the first Potter movie would have been the big hit simply because of the fan anticipation.  If this is the

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BatmanDCMoviesThe Dark KnightWarner Bros.

It’s not a surprise that Warner Bros. Dark Knight movie took the top spot again this past weekend, raking in another $75.6 million, bringing the 10 day total for the film to $312 million.  Last week, I guess the movie would only see a 20% drop in ticket sales.  I was proved wrong, as the film ended up dropping 52%.  I wonder if Comic Con had anything to do with that… via Variety

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Will Smith’s Hancock landed at the number one spot at the box office this past weekend, bringing in $66 million in ticket sales.  This brings the five day run, including a major holiday weekend,  to $107.3 million. Regardless of what Diddy thought of Hancock, I rather liked it – not as a superhero movie, but as a superhero movie with a major twist that changes the direction and meaning of the whole story.  Apparently, a lot of movie goers thought the movie was good enough to see it too.  Did it have its flaws?  Yes, there were some a few

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Iron ManJon FavreauMarvelMovies

We live in a different movie world than we did a few years ago, when a 51% drop in box office revenues would have spelled death for a film (Jurassic Park II anyone…). Today, with movie studios eager to nab as much as they can opening weekend, the drop is probably expected, especially as the summer box office heats up with a major motion picture hitting theaters each weekend. Regardless, Iron Man took the top spot once again bringing in an estimated $50.5 million for its second weekend, racking up up an estimated $177.1 million in domestic box office sales.

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Iron ManMarvelMovies

As predicted, Iron Man did a tremendous job at the box office this past weekend, bringing in an estimated $104 million in ticket sales. This is the second biggest opening weekend for a non-sequel movie since the first Spider-Man movie debuted at $114 million in 2002. We’ll discuss the Iron Man movie on the next Major Spoilers Podcast, and we’ll even read some of your comments about the flick on the show.

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