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Press Release Rebecca Bagley’s steampunk fable Tick is a 36-page colour small press comic. Its starting point centers on a new homeowner’s discovery of a curious, kettle-headed, mechanical creature hidden away in the house she has just purchased. Obviously sentient, but forlornly uncommunicative, it soon becomes obvious that this hi-tech-yet-retro homunculus’ original function has been lost to the mists of time.

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Editor’s Note: The following is from the diary of Major Spoilers’ Number One Fan, Julian, as he adventures forth in an attempt to win the Major Spoilers’ Julian Challenge. Friday, Friday, Friday! For some reason I always feel less tired on Friday than I do on Thursday. Go figure.  Well enough about my toils, onto the poster updates!

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Action FiguresShocker ToysToys

Shocker Toys sent Major Spoilers one of the figures from its Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes Series 1 figure (look for review soon), and they are already cranking out the Series 2 figures that features the Tick, Dick Tracy, Jack Staff and more. The figures are well made, and if you are looking for an indie hero to fight alongside your DC or Marvel figures, then you might want to check out Shocker Toys. The Tick Jack Staff Ignacia Dick Tracy (& Trench Coat w/Tommy Gun Variant) King Zombie (& King Zombie Variant) All Series 2 figures are packed with

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MarvelReviewUltimate Spider-Man

Sometimes life just kicks you in the teeth for fun Even though Peter Parker is the everyman hero that we can all sympathize with, I in no way would ever want to be Peter Parker.  The kid can’t catch a break.  If it isn’t some huge international military agency keeping tracks on your every move, it’s the villain of the week trying to wreck your day, and to top it all off, just when you think you’re going to make with the snoo-snoo with that hot red head Mary Jane, your personal stalker shows up.

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Electric TikistatuesThe Tick

Take a look at the Tick statue from Electric Tiki Design. This is the final paint master of the statue. No word on release date, but my guess is around the big conventions. via Electric Tiki

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