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Warner Bros. has announced that the success of the Thursday night premiere of Green Lantern: First Flight was so successful that the company has set up another showing on Sunday July 26, at 2:15 PM. Sunday’s encore presentation will be held in Room 6BCF. CCI credentials/passes are required to gain admittance to the Convention Center and, thus, the screening. If you are in San Diego and reading this post, I highly recommend you get over to the screening. via Warner Bros.

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It went down to the wire, but the supernatural drama Reaper got its renewal notice yesterday during the CBS upfront presentation. The more I watch this series, the better it becomes, and I will say Reaper is on its way to becoming the male-centric version of Buffy by the time next season is over. Smart dialog, good acting, great special effects, just the right amount of humor, make this my must watch show of the week. Reaper will return for 13 episodes during the mid-season next year, more than likely appearing on Thursday night opposite Supernatural. And since I’ve mentioned

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