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Ten Upgrades That Were Downgrades

Power-ups, boosts and new costumes are common occurrences in comics….  but that’s not always a good thing.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Upgrades That Were Downgrades!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Super Beards

As a wise man once said, “Don’t be skeered, it’s just a beard!” Even when it’s worn with a mask… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super Beards!

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Ten Supers With G.I. Joe Codenames

Launched in 1982, the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero multimedia toy franchise revived a sixties toy staple with a new 80s quasi-superhero twist and a focus on multiple members to sell toys for maximum efficiency. There have been literally HUNDREDS of Joes in the ensuing decades, which means a lot of codenames, some of which are more familiar than others.

Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers With G.I. Joe codenames!

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