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Dynamite EntertainmentSneak Peek

Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek at titles arriving in stores this week.  Take the jump for an early look at A Game of Thrones #11, The Shadow #8, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #3, The Spider #6, Dark Shadows #10, The Bionic Man #14, and Voltron #9.

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Dynamite EntertainmentPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Dynamite proudly presents – Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt returns to comics this coming September!  Peter Cannon was created by the late Pete Morisi. Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1 is written by Steve Darnall and Alex Ross, drawn by superstar artist Jonathan Lau, with covers by Alex Ross, Jae Lee, John Cassaday, and Ardian Syaf!

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Or – “In Which I Discuss The Changing Role Of The Limited Series…” It’s difficult to remember that, in comics terms, the Limited Series has only been around for a few short years.  (Well, I should probably amend that statement to say the INTENTIONALLY Limited Series.  A lot of books ran 4, 5, or 6 issues and got cancelled due to sales, editorial caveat, or general sucktitude.)  Used to be that the point of the Limited Series was to showcase characters who hadn’t been seen in a while, or to finish off story points that didn’t have another venue.  These

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