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Boom! Studios has announced it is teaming with Universal Pictures and Producer Marc Platt to turn Steven Grant’s graphic novel 2 Guns into a motion picture.  Company founds Andrew Cowsby and Ross Richie will also produce through the company’s Boom! Entertainment banner. 2 GUNS was created and written by Steven Grant, a veteran comic book scribe well known for developing Marvel Comics’ THE PUNISHER into a franchise character. Story follows two thieves targeting a mob bank – unknown to either, they’re both undercover agents. They pull off their heist, only to find out they’ve stolen cash from a CIA black

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With the ability to review comics comes a renewed desire to read comics, and I was really looking forward to the conclusion of this story. It’s been an interesting tale that once again put Wolverine, aka, Logan, in to a historical situation. The story is about love found and lost, revenge and seeking a measure of solace. And it would only work in a Wolverine story, and I think Vaughan knew that as well!

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