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If you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World, you’re missing out on seeing Natalie Portman in her RenFaire wear. Fortunately, Diamond Select Toys has a Jane Foster action figure based on Portman’s character from the film, and we have pictures direct from the company. WARNING: Some spoilers ahead.

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You’ve seen the movie, you’ve marveled at the battles, and now it is time relive the action with Thor action figures… in Minimates form.

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In theaters now is Thor: The Dark World! Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all. Did you see it? We want to know what you think! Use the comment section below to share your thoughts on the latest Marvel Movie Universe flick – good or bad.

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The true story of the origin of THOR from Journey Into Mystery #83. Recorded in one take and from memory after several drinks. NSFW unless your boss like to hear curse words blasting out of your cubicle in the middle of the day.

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Diamond Select Toys has a new Thor action figure arriving in stores today that ties directly into the new movie.

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Last night, Thor: The Dark World had its US premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. The Walt Disney Studios sent us a slew of images from the event, that you can check out, after the jump.

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Even as a kid, Thor was always getting into trouble.

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Zachary Levi, who replaced Josh Dallas, is Fandral of The Warriors Three in Thor: The Dark World. Levi was recently on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz to discuss the film and show us all a new clip from the film. Check the whole segment after the jump.

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Get ready for another adult film parody of your favorite comic book heroes.  We’ve seen porn parodies of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and She-Hulk, now it’s time for Axel Braun to turn his gaze upon the mighty Thor.

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Last night, the fine folk of London got to see Thor: The Dark World for the first time. It was a big to-do with lots of pictures taken by those with cameras…

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The release date of the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is closer and closer every day and Marvel is content to let you psych-up yourself. Three new clips from Thor: The Dark World arrived at Major Spoilers today and it’s time that we share them with you!

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Marvel has released a new clip from the upcoming Thor: The Dark World, in theaters on November 08, 2013.

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A pair of new TV Spots have released for Thor: The Dark World, giving Loki a bit less of a villainous treatment. Check out the first one below and the second after the jump.

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Marvel has released a brand new television spot for Thor: The Dark World that arrives in theaters on November 08, 2013.

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