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What if you’re in such a terrible situation that there are no “good” choices? Only “less bad” ones?

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AfterShock ComicsFeaturedReview

You’ve got to admit it – zombies are still HOT, no matter what time period they’re found in. Take, for example, Pestilence #1 from AfterShock Comics. It examines the zombie phenomenon from the perspective of an era of faith rather than one of modern-day science.

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Alterna ComicsSneak Peek

Looking for a few frights on this Halloween? Alterna Comics released Terror #1 on comiXology today, and we have a sneak peek of the issue, after the jump.

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DCTeen Titans

Sad news for fans of the current run of Teen Titans, as writer Sean McKeever has announced he is leaving the series after issue #71. Hey, everyone. A bit of good news/bad news for you. Which is which will depend upon your opinion of my work, I guess… I have decided to leave Teen Titans. My last issue will be #71. It’s been a wild ride for 22 issues (plus an Annual and Terror Titans)–sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often awesome. I’ve really come to care about these kids during my tenure, but now it’s time for me to place

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Brian Michael BendisDark AvengersMarvelMike Deodato Jr.ReprintVariant

Marvel has announced it is going back to press with Dark Avengers #2. Spanning from the terror of Dark Reign, multiple Eisner award winner Brian Michael Bendis and acclaimed artist Mike Deodato deliver a brand new Avengers series with a team of the most dangerous characters ever assembled!  This isn’t your mom and dad’s Avengers, True Believers! The new printing will feature interior art by Mike Deodato on the cover. The reprint is scheduled to be in stores on March 25, 2009, and features a cover price of $3.99. via Marvel

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HulkMarvelSideshow Collectiblesstatues

Holy Moley!  I thought my Rogue comiquette was huge.  Check out the latest statue release from Sideshow Collectibles.  This two foot – TWO FOOT – tall statue features the Hulk’s adversary in a pretty dramatic pose that would scare the crap out of my one-year old. Sideshow doesn’t have a set release date, but it is expected to ship in 2009. Take the jump for more images, plus the side by side with the Hulk comiquette.

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Sneak PeekStudio 407

Studio 407 has announced a brand new horror anthology that features vampires, a planet of terror, and a town beset by demons.  Shadow Chronicles arrives in January 2009, and is the company’s first anthology book.  Studio 407 sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek, that you can see after the jump.

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Dynamite EntertainmentProject Superpowers

While the Death Defying Devil is on its way from Dyanamite Entertainment, the first spin-off from the Project Superpowers series is The Black Terror.  Dynamite Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers a rundown of the issue, plus all the covers by Alex Ross, John Romita Sr. Mike Lilly, and George Tuska.

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Oni PressPreview

Remember the American Dream?  The one that promised a safe place to live, work and play?  Uncle Slam is ready to fight for that dream in Uncle Slam Fights Back from Oni Press. The political satire arrives in features the title character that is part machine, part man, and all patriot.

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