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I really dislike those contests where people are judged on how they look, instead of the qualifications of the contestant.  Should the most qualified person win?  In the case of the pageant to pick the new Gallant Girl, it all boils down to looks.

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Image ComicsShadowlineSolicitations

Don’t you just hate it when you have all the qualifications for a job, yet it goes to someone else?  That’s what happens to Renee Tempete, who should be the new Galaxy Girl, but instead the role goes to a hottie with no powers at all.  This leads to the three issue mini-series from Image Comics Shadowline imprint by Kat Cahill and Seth Damoose. Based on skill alone, Renee Tempete should be the new Galaxy Girl. Instead, a buxom blonde with no actual powers holds the title. As events unfold, Renee struggles not only against monsters, criminals and giant robots,

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