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Did you visit Target during the Halloween season?  Did you see Domo everywhere?  The mascot for Japan’s NHK television station has quietly infiltrated our culture and now is poised to take over your home in these cute cudley little multicolored versions from Dark Horse Comics. In addition to their own line, which includes Polar White, Earl Grey, Olive Green, Ruby Red, and Classic Brown, Dark Horse has partnered with Hot Topic for three custom colors—Lime Green, Sky Blue, and True Yellow—as well as Newbury Comics for an exclusive Orange edition. There will also be a very special Grass Green edition

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Or, as Steve Miller says, “Go on, take the money and run…” Previously, in The Flash #238, Wally West was finding out that the utility companies actually want to be paid for the use of their services! After his cable is turned off, Wally decides that he has to step up his job search (the issue before he missed one interview and was turned down for a security guard job.) But, before he can get his resumes out, he and Jay “Grandpa Flash” Garrick have to check out the site of a possible earthquake, one which was actually started by

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