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In yet another attempt to do the least work possible, ABC has approved a pilot ripping off retelling redoing the British ITV series No Heroics.  If you’ve had the opportunity to catch the original series, it is quite funny as it showcases a group of superheroes who hang out in a bar after hours and have interesting exchanges. The list of international television shows that have been redone for American television is simply staggering, and I wonder what would happen if ABC simply gave No Heroics in its original form a chance on American TV.  Obviously there are some issues

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comic conventionFeaturedFrom the Editor

With 125,000 people attending the San Diego Comic Con, the city of San Diego is bursting at the seems. With a limit on the number of people that can get into the convention hall, and growth expected, is it time for Comic Con International to move the show somewhere else?

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DCFan FilmVideo

Since today’s podcast is all about Ultimate-izing comics and television shows, here’s a look at the original Ultimate line – DC’s Elseworlds. This is a fan film a few friends and I shot about a year ago. We were planning on shooting a series of 2-4 minute original story webisodes dealing with characters in the DC Universe. This is the first webisode in the series. [youtube][/youtube]

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