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We all know everyone is special – a unique snow flake that has no companion (except for the twins).  The DC Universe has a bunch of teenagers from the future who use their unique talents to save the universe, while Marvel 616 has a bunch of mutants who band together to save the universe.  They are in no way alike – really.  Trust us, we’ve got an uber-nerd working on this site, and he’ll tell you. But even if they were remotely alike, and we could shape the universe to put the Legion of Super-Heroes and the X-Men on a

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I’m not sure anyone reviewed Titans #2 here at Major Spoilers (probably for the best), as there was a lot of ill-feeling towards the second issue in this, DC’s attempt to reunite its ’80’s classic. Subsequently, there is a certain measure of slack that can be cut considering that DC is starting off telling a new story from page one (for a given value of “new story”).

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