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Buffy the Vampire SlayerDark Horse ComicsReview

Or – “Giant Teenage Girl In Tokyo?  It’s Stephen’s Dream Comic!” No, no, I kid.  Stephen’s dream comic would have Zatanna, a transformer and a vat of pudding.  In any case, Buffy’s war against the Vampires of Tokyo (not to be confused with the Werewolves of London) is heating up, with unlikely alliances, invisible hands, and mystical fooferaw erupting from all quarters.  But Buffy can take at least a cold comfort from the knowledge that things can’t get all THAT much worse…  can they?

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Birds of PreyDCReview

Or, “From Giant Transforming Mafia Princess To Magic Hockey Stigmatism Geeks…” Is it just me, or does Manhunter look remarkably like she’s telling that mysterious figure to knock off the bad Tor Johnson impersonation?  “Would you please just get me my Pina Colada with an umbrella in it, please?  Ed Wood is dead and I don’t feel so great myself, dangit!”  Still, this issue heralds the return of Kate Spencer, Manhunter, to the ranks of the Birds of Prey, while another operative makes her graduation to the big leagues and Oracle has to evaluate her strategies…  What are you waiting

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