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We all know Jay Garrick is set to appear in the next season of The Flash, and The CW teased us with an homage to a classic cover.

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Fans of Asterix and Obelix were able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the comic book series in October of this year with the release of a brand new Asterix and Obelix book.  Unfortunately, those of us in the United States of America had been denied that opportunity at the time.  According to some websites, those in the USA won’t be able to get your hands on the 34th Asterix book, Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: the Golden Book until January 2010, but I have it in my hands at this very moment.  It arrived last night from and it

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Black PantherMarvel

Another tease, another guess.  My guess is there are going to be a few more, “Who cares?” comments from the readers. via Marvel

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Major SpoilersThe DarknessTop CowTrade Paperback

Major Spoilers had a few minutes to talk with Matt Hawkins, President and Chief Operating Officer of Top Cow Productions, about the announcement the company was releasing the Darkness: Accursed Volume 1 trade paperback for $4.99. Major Spoilers: How do you respond to those who say, “I’ve wasted my money when I could have waited for the trade?” Matt Hawkins: I say, “No you didn’t.”  You got to read it a lot earlier than everyone else did.  You got something that has some [lasting] value.   For me, when I get a trade, I often find I’m a year behind…” Matt

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DCHero HistoryLegion of Super HeroesReviewWhite Witch

Or – “The Fair Witch Project.” The Legion of Super-Heroes covers a lot of different takes on heroism, but the one thing that they all seem to share is the affinity for science.  From the “ultra-energy” that imbues Jo Nah, to Wildfire‘s transformation to pure antimatter, to the accident that empowered Lighting Lass and her brother, the vagaries of science (or at least the strange comic book version thereof) have served as the origin of many Legionnaires.  Indeed, with the bright and shiny future setting, that’s as it should be.  So today’s Historical subject is an anomaly from the get-go, holding the

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