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NexusPress ReleaseSteve Rude

Press Release Combined into one, double-sized colossal issue, Nexus 101 and 102 will together  bring our series “Soap Opera” to its final conclusion.  Publisher Steve Rude says, “Considering the inordinate expanse of time that has passed since the release of our last issue, fans expectations will be singularly high.  Let’s see if Baron and Rude can deliver the final goods.” Both issues are done through color so the release is on schedule and on time!!

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Action FiguresMarvelWolverine

I know these figures are quire popular, but they creep me out.  Big hands, big feet, bad guys with smiles on their faces; it’s like some weird dream character come to life to stalk you in the men’s room. The Wolverine Movie Superhero Squad continues the “cute” character line with a new group of figures, including two of those ever ellusive TBD figures that are all the rage these days. 1x Battle at Three Mile Island 1x TBD 1x TBD 2x Messiah Complex Pack #3 (C ) 1x Uncanny X Men Pack #4 (A) (subject to change) via Entertainment Earth

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Action FiguresHasbroMarvelToysWolverine

Hasbro has announced the 3.75-inch Wolverine Animated figures to go along with the current cartoon series. If you purchase an entire case, here’s what you get: 2x Cyclops 3x TBD 1x Iceman 1x TBD 1x Avalanche 1x Beast 2x TBD 1x TBD (subject to change) The figures are expected to release in March 2009, although I’ve seen reports that the articulation on the figures is not that good. via Entertainment Earth

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