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Review 6.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #2 – Review

Robyn Hood is still on the run. She had been lying low in a crummy motel but now law enforcement on her trail! Find out if Robyn and Emmett can escape the police’s robots in Robyn Hood Justice #2 from Zenescope Entertainment!

Review Finger Guns #4 Review 8.0

Finger Guns #4 Review

After another awful confrontation with her father, Sadie tries to get him taken away. Will Wes even understand, much less be able to help her with her plan? Find out in Finger Guns #4 from Vault Comics!

Review Robyn Hood; Justice #1 Review 8.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #1 Review

Robyn has been on the run in the big apple for a crime she didn’t commit. She is away from her home, her friends, and is now being hunted by these robots under control by the mayor of New York. Find out if she can stay sane in ROBYN HOOD: JUSTICE #1 by Zenescope Entertainment.

Review Finger Guns #2 Review 9.0

Finger Guns #2 Review

Imagine the power and danger in being able to make people angry, or kind, just for a moment. What have Sadie and Wes stumbled upon? Find out more in Finger Guns #2 from Vault Comics!

Review Exorsisters #6 Review 8.7

Exorsisters #6 Review

Cate and Kate return in their battle against the ultimate evil! Can Cate find her lost soul – Kate – and get back to Earth and stop the First Shadow? Find out in Exorsisters #6 from Image Comics!

Review Monster Planet #5 Review 4.3

Monster Planet #5 Review

Blaire must make a terrible choice: The fate of humanity or her friends’ lives?  Your Major Spoilers review of Monster Planet #5 awaits!

Review Grimm Fairy Tales #37 Review 7.3

Grimm Fairy Tales #37 Review

In GRIMM FAIRY TALES #37 from Zenescope,  Merlin rules Camelot!  And now he has Skye Mathers, the Guardian of the Nexus in his grasp.  With the other members of the Round Table, he will be able to launch his conquest of the Realms.  Can Skye escape his clutches and lead the fight back? Find out in your latest Major Spoilers review!

Review Finger Guns #1 Review 8.0

Finger Guns #1 Review

Wes is thirteen. School is a drag, his dad is never home, and life kind of sucks. Until one day, the unimaginable happens. Find out what it is in Finger Guns #1 from Vault Comics!

Review Van Helsing versus the League of Monsters #1 Review 7.3

Van Helsing Versus the League of Monsters #1 Review

In VAN HELSING VERSUS THE LEAGUE OF MONSTERS #1 from Zenescope Entertainment, a secret facility deep in China holds creatures of the night, creatures that Van Helsing has captured.  But darkness never gives up, and when Dracula arrives to break the monsters free, it sets up a confrontation for the ages!  Will Van Helsing live or die?  Find out in your next Major Spoilers review!

Review Elvira Mistress of the Dark #12 Review 8.0

Elvira Mistress of the Dark #12 Review

Elvira is kidnapped by cultists who summon…Vlad Tepes! What does Elvira have to do to get rid of him THIS time? Find out in Elvira, Mistress of the Dark #12 from Dynamite Entertainment!

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