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While we await the release of Gotham by Gaslight, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the April release of the next animated movie – Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

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Beware the Batman will air its second episode this Saturday on the Cartoon Network and fans of previous Batman cartoons will hear a familiar voice when Batgirl enters the screen as Tara Strong has announced she will once again be voicing Barbra Gordon.

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We saw a trailer for the amazing ridiculousness that is Lollipop Chainsaw just a couple days ago. Now it’s time for a Major Spoilers look at the game itself.

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In a world in which imaginary friends are REAL! “This is my imaginary friend, Blooregard Q. Kazoo.” One boy will break all the rules to save his friend “You’re too old to keep him, Mac. Bloo needs to go!” With the help of some unusual friends, “I’m sorry, is that OK?” and some sage advice, “COCOCO CO CO COCOCOCO COCO” Mac will discover, there’s nothing imaginary about true friendship. Seriously, why isn’t this a movie yet?

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