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Tales of Suspense #101 Review
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The Black Widow’s death at the end of Secret Empire was a shocker to the entire Marvel Universe.  Now, two heroes who loved her may have evidence that she is still alive, but can even their formidable skills find the world’s greatest super-spy if she doesn’t WANT to be found?  Your Major Spoilers review of Tales Of Suspense #101 awaits!

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Douglas Schmell of has consigned his personal collection of comics to Heritage Auctions. Along with the other comics on the auction block November 16th-18th, Heritage Auctions will have $3.9 million in comics books for some lucky bidders.

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AuctionHeritage AuctionsIron Man

Heritage Auctions has a new comic book collection auction going on right now, and on the block is the first appearance of Iron Man from Tales of Suspense #39.

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AuctionHeritage AuctionsIron ManPress Release

Press Release The first selections from the Don/Maggie Thompson Pedigree Collection hit a combined $835,384 to lead $5.8+ million in comic books and original comic art at Heritage Auctions. Every one of the 1,700 lots found a buyer during the Nov. 21-23 auction in Beverly Hills, including a 9.6 copy of Tales of Suspense #39 which changed hands for a stunning $262,900.

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I don’t get over to eBay as often as I used to, which means short auctions for rare comic book paraphernalia largely go unnoticed by me.  But that doesn’t mean someone isn’t selling and others aren’t buying.

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In this episode: repeated reviews, spoilers supreme, heavy metal heroes )along with fan feedback), a little white witch, Rodrigo gets Hyper, Stephen pours a Foundation, we go to the tote board for the final tally on the Major Spoilers Hero Drive, Aquaman is dead, and much more! [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley A big Thank You goes out to everyone who downloads, subscribes, listens, and supports this show. We really appreciate you taking the time to listen to our ramblings each week. Tell your friends about the podcast, get them to subscribe and, in turn,

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