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Marvel unveiled the cover of The Marvel Art of Marko Djurdjevic Hard Cover book featuring the work of the artist who’s done Daredevil to Thor and the X-Men. “A friend of [Marvel Editor-in-Chief] Joe Quesada sent me some of the designs Marko posted online and I was blown away,” said Editorial Talent Coordinator Chris Allo of how Djurdjevic came to Marvel. “He jumped at the opportunity to work in comics and even though his digital painting process was new to many in the industry, he won over anyone on the fence once they saw his X-Men: First Class covers. The

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MarvelPress Release

Fans who have sent their works directly to the House of Ideas in hopes of breaking in to the world of comic books are going to be a little disappointed after this press release from Marvel, where it announces it is suspending its open submission policy. Press Release Follows

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