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Tale of One Bad Rat

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Have I got a treat for you in the latest episode of my Wayne’s Comics Podcast! I talk with writer/artist Bryan Talbot about Grandville: Noel, the latest in a series of hardcover graphic novels made available here in the States by Dark Horse. The books follow Inspector LeBrock, a badger with the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes. We talk about the series including the characters and how long it will continue. Then Mr. Talbot discusses his other projects as well, so you won’t want to miss it!

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It’s fun to see our reality flipped on its head, which helps us understand what we’re going through better. If you haven’t yet discovered Grandville, a series of hardcover GNs with animals playing the role of humans, and humans trying to rise up and take their place in society in this alternate world, I really recommend them. Because we see rats and badgers and toads, we expect them to act with a more “wild” feel to them, and that’s again the case this time.

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