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Manhattan is under attack from a swarm of tick-toc robots.  To make matters worse, there is some kind of psychic attack going on at the same time that is causing the populace to turn on each other.  With Superman off world, Batman apparently dead, the JSA is in Chicago, the JLA in shambles, and the Green Lanterns in deep space dealing with their Rainbow Bright issues, who you gonna call?  That’s right, the girl with the boobs.

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Astounding Wolf-ManImage ComicsInvincibleReview

Crossovers. Why’d it have to be crossovers? Crossovers are one of those occurrences in comics where a character from one title appears in the pages of another title and vice versa.  Generally, these events happen in the pages of titles from large publishers, and is a way to remind readers that the company’s universe is big and organic. Invincible, on the other hand, works perfectly well as a stand-alone universe in and of itself, so when characters begin to make more than a referential appearance in the pages, I get a bit concerned. Especially when the crossover features characters created

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