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Review Action Comics 1014 Review 7.3

Action Comics #1014 Review

Year of the Villain: The Offer continues as Perry White gets a visit from Leone with new marching orders for the Planet, Red Cloud pulls a thorn from the side of the Invisible Mafia, and Superman gets a visitor! ACTION COMICS #1014 from DC Comics is on store shelves now!

Review The Punisher #11 Review 4.7

The Punisher #11 Review

A desperate race against time and Jigsaw leads to conflict…  with Baron Zemo!  Your Major Spoilers review of The Punisher #11 awaits!


Lobo #9 Review

After an initial outcry about alterations in his New 52 revival, Lobo has kept something…


Spawn #250 Review

In this time of reboots and renumbering it’s rare to see books numbered correctly, especially…

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