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Sneak Peek Sword Master #12

[Preview] Sword Master #12

I know many of you are looking forward to this week’s Sword Master #12 from Marvel Comics, so here is a sneak peek to keep you occupied until you can get to your local comic shop.

Review Sword Master #10 Review 6.0

Sword Master #10 – Review

Lin Lie has inherited the mystical sword of Fu Xi and must figure out how to use this new weapon. He was searching for his father, but suddenly his brother who disappeared has suddenly returned! Figure out this mystery in Sword Master #10 by Marvel!

Sneak Peek Sword Master #10

[Preview] Sword Master #10

There’s a new issue of Sword Master dropping in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, but we have your preview of the issue right now!

Review Sword Master #1 Review 7.3

Sword Master #1 Review

A missing father, a puzzling mystery and a long-lost magical sword bring Lin Lie into the ranks of superherodom.  Your Major Spoilers review of Sword Master #1 awaits!