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Boom Studiosmark sableReview

If one disaster is bad, then more disasters are… disastrous Mark Sable began the overthrow of the planet and the beginning of the New World Order in the first issue of Boom! Studios Unthinkable.  While things looked bleak as a new plague swept across the world, issue #2 is downright depressing as the secret government goes after a few more targets.

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From the EditorMajor SpoilersWeek in Review

A super great week, here at Major Spoilers!  Not only did this week see Free Comic Book Day offer up a ton of free comics for fans and n00bs alike, it was also a week where Major Spoilers saw it’s largest month of growth to date! There were also some other things that happened that you might be aware of: Wolverine opened bigger than expected, despite that nasty swine flu, and leaked Intardwebz copy There actually is a fourth issue of Legion of 3 Worlds There are also titles from companies other than the big two. For those that followed

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MoviesParamount PicturesStar Trek

First it was Wolverine, now Variety is reporting the Mexican movie premiere of Star Trek is being grounded due to the swine flu.  No word on when the movie will open south of the border, but Paramount is going forward with the May 8th release in 100 other overseas markets. Until the theaters reopen and the medical epidemic is cleared, the studios could stall more releases as the summer progresses. via Variety

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20th Century FoxMarvelMoviesWolverine

20th Century Fox is already cranking up the PR machine, citing the recent swine flu outbreak as a potential reason for the movie not performing well this weekend.  The movie studio postponed the premiere of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Mexico, but still plans to move ahead with the rest of the openings. At least one school in New York shut down after students were diagnosed with the malady, and with the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control amping up the fear factor over this outbreak, it wouldn’t surprise me if more people stay away from the

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