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With all the craziness surrounding the people lining up this morning for the Twilight panel, Warner Bros.’ double sided Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince bag may get tossed to the wayside. For those of us who care not for this silliness, but who need something to carry all their swag around, this bag will probably be a very hot item. The Harry Potter bag is one of six bags being unveiled at the show, with Human Target and the Vampire Diaries festooning some of the others. via Warner Bros.

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Remember that guy that traded a paperclip all the way up to a house?  Marvel looks like it is doing something similar with its Take My Trade campaign to benifit the HERO Initiative. Check the Press Release: Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, one of the comic industry’s most prolific personalities, is proud to present TAKE MY TRADE, a groundbreaking quest to trade up to a copy of Fantastic Four #1! Pioneered by Brevoort’s critically-acclaimed Blah Blah Blog at Marvel.Com, this event allows fans to trade their comics with Brevoort so he can find a comic worthy of being traded

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