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“A cautionary tale for all evil-doers!” Once again, let me start out with FULL DISCLOSURE: I did help by working as an editor on this book, making sure that all the commas were in the right places and such. And the creator of this comic is a close friend of mine. Again, the following review will focus on the parts that I did NOT work on, including the plot, the art and the coloring.

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Boom StudiosCthulhuReview

Colour Out of Space Updated Believe it or not, I’m not a huge horror fan.  Sure I like the occasional tale told to terrorize tikes, but most of the horror comics I’ve seen over the last 15 years seem to revel in the gore and violence associated with Halloween and Friday the 13th, but kicked up a notch for shock value alone.  I discovered the brilliance of H.P. Lovecraft about 8 years ago and have been hooked on his tales ever since. When Boom! Studios unveiled its Cthulhu line I snagged as many issues of the various titles as I

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Captain AmericaIron ManMarvelPreview

BOOM!  I love this image.  It’s a perfect combination of dramatic pose, lighting, and the suspense of wanting to know what this promo is all about.  My guess it has something to do with some of that art we saw a year or so ago featuring Iron Man in a Captain America inspired suit. We’ll find out when Marvel sends more info, but until then, enjoy the image directly from the Mike Deodato, Jr.

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