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Agent Carter has hit the public like a tidal wave with almost universal acclaim. Even restricted as the showrunners and writers are the MCU as we know it there are endless possibilities and plot points to be explored with Peggy and Jarvis reaching from the first murmuring of the cosmic characters to the birth of S.H.I.E.L.D. With that in mind, Major Spoilers presents Top 5 Thing We Want to See in Agent Carter!

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From it’s inception the Star Trek franchise has always had a focus on representation (at least of the human race), with characters written in the spirit of working togehter toward the greater good to build the brightest possible future in the darkness of space. Starfleet is a “peacekeeping armada” with a slough of amazing female characters. Here are my top five from any and all official canon Star Trek casts. #5. The Borg Queen Played by: Alice Krige, Susanna Thompson Which series you know her from: Star Trek: First Contact, Voyager The Borg Queen is hands down one of the

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