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Time for some filler During the long dark tea time between Batman RIP and the actual beginning of Battle for the Cowl, Batman fans are looking everywhere to get their Bat-Fix, and DC delivers this week with Gotham Gazette #1. It’s not really a newspaper, and the menagerie of stories inside really don’t fit a newspaper format, but it does fill that void since the last appearance of Batman.

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Now this is more like it I don’t know what happened in the second part of that two-part crossover issue that began in Invincible #57, and frankly, I don’t care.   What I do care about is the intricate universe Robert Kirkman has created in Invincible and the myriad of characters in it.  The latest issue returns readers to the good ol’ days of a young superhero and all the people in it.

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Marvel has announced Thor will get the animated treatment for television.  Marvel Animation will produce 26 half-hour episodes to begin airing in 2010. The animated series will follow the Norse god of thunder, as he defends his mythical home of Asgard against fantastical villains, fiendish hordes, winged creatures and angry giants. The show will take place in various worlds — from mountainous landscapes to places of icy mists and fiery voids and will include many of the comic’s supporting cast, such as Balder the Brave, the Warriors Three and Thor’s evil adopted brother Loki. Iron Man: Armored Adventures debuts in

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Well this can’t be good if it is true. Newsarama is reporting Robin, Nightwing, and Birds of Prey will all be ending their series in February 2009.  Is this because of the Morrison RIP Batman title, or something else?  It can’t be sales, because Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and many other titles sell a lot fewer issues than these big supporting Batman tie-ins titles. If the rumors of Robin being somehow behind R.I.P., that could explain why Chuck Dixon left the series in a very bizarre fashion, and why the Robin series may be coming to an end.  Nightwing ended

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