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Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali

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Cover gimmicks date back to the earliest days of comics, be it stunt-artists, strange substances (cardboard, Tyvek, chromium-tungsten alloys) or the dreaded variant edition.  But legendary artist Neal Adams may have given us the best cover gimmick of all back in ’78 on the Treasury-Sized ‘Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali’, thanks to the magic of his oversized canvas: More than 150 celebrity cameos! (To avoid eyestrain, I recommend right-clicking and opening in a new tab.) With guest stars ranging from the Teen Titans to the sitting President Of The United States, this cover is a tour de force of rendering madness

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This week, the world lost a legend.  But, Faithful Spoilerites, did you realize that Muhammad Ali once went toe-to-toe with Superman for the fate of the entire world?  And did you know it was also awesome?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali (aka All-New Collectors Edition C-56) awaits!

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