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While you were busy looking at Tom Welling’s version of the Superman costume, we stumbled upon this image, of what might be a new design for the Stephanie Brown Batgirl costume.  Many have already remarked that Stephanie continuing to wear the Cassandra Cain costume doesn’t feel right, so perhaps this Lee Garbett design will work.  It does combine the Spoiler/Batgirl costume nicely. And if that doesn’t fit with your world view, take the jump to see what DC posted on its blog this morning..

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For those who haven’t seen the Smallville Superman costume in clear detail, here is Tom Welling sporting his black and silver duds for the season nine season opener (Sept. 25, 2009). via Superhero Hype

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Well, duh, we already know Clark Kent is Superman and has been on the Smallville television series for the last 9 years, but one has to remember the Superman costume, and powers like flying have been kept strictly on the down-low to avoid mixing the Smallville universe with the DC in-continuity one. That might all change come Sunday when it MIGHT be announced that Superman’s outfit will make an appearance in the season premiere of season 9 – aptly titled “Superman”. Does this mean we might see Tom Welling take over the film franchise down the road?  Another rumor has

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