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According to director Peter Segal, the production is still feeling the aftershocks of the writer’s strike. We’re still working on the script. An interesting little development, but it’s an annoying one, is that after a strike there are residual effects and one was that everyone who was a writer suddenly had a back log of assignments as did John August, so we started to do our re-write process but he had to service some of these other prior commitments. So now we’re kind of waiting in line to get him back but it’s worked out okay because we’ve been working

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If you have ever dreamt of discovering the mother load of comic collections stashed in your grand parents closet, take a moment to read the first person account of the discovery of the Mile High Collection. I quizzed the Realtor for a while about the contents of the closet. He indicated that there were a bunch of old cowboy and horror comics from the 1950’s, which sure sounded good to me. I then asked him if there were any super-hero comics, and he said he thought there might be some old Batman and Superman comics, but he wasn’t sure. In

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