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When an announced movie moves out of the script stage, and the rumors of who will star settle down, I actually start paying more attention to the press releases, when the director is finally attached.  Such is the case with the Warner Bros. DC Comics Green Lantern movie, which has just announced Martin Campbell is in negotiations to helm the superhero flick. The emergence of Campbell, who also helmed two “Zorro” films and the 007 film “GoldenEye,” puts “Green Lantern” at the top of DC properties being set for movie treatment by WB. While the studio is hoping director Chris

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Here’s another featurette from the upcoming Warner Bros./Zack Snyder superhero flick. Watchmen Exclusive Man, I really hope this movie gets released.

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Here’s another clip from Hancock, showing Will Smith trying to be politically correct in a crisis situation. I still get the feeling this is going to be a great superhero flick, showing what happens when the nut jobs push for a kindler gentler hero that too constrained by rules to be effective. via Yahoo! Movies

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