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Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Supers Secretly Working For The Government

Some supers work for the greater good, others work for money. And then there are those who work for the shadowy cabals in the smoke-filled rooms of governance. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers Secretly Working For The Government!


Supergirl #21 Review

Supergirl has a new purpose and a new attitude; she’s determined to discover the truth behind the destruction of her home planet, Krypton, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to find the ones responsible. A new storyline starts here in Supergirl #21 from DC Comics. 

DC Man of Steel #6 Review

The Man Of Steel #6 (of 6) Review

The fate of Jon Kent hangs in the balance.  Will Superman have to give up his family to save the world?  Your Major Spoilers review of The Man Of Steel #6 awaits!

DC Geek History Lesson Brainiac 5 Supergirl Major Spoilers Podcast Legion of Super-Heroes

Geek History Lesson #193 – Brainiac 5

The brains of the Legion of Superheroes makes his live action debut on Supergirl Season 3. Let’s tear through the interlac and learn the secrets of Brainiac 5.

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