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Podcast The Legion Clubhouse Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion Clubhouse #100: A Milestone Episode

We rarely celebrate milestones episodes of our podcasts, but this week, we take some time to look back – and forward – on where we have come, and what we are excited to see next. Plus, hear where it all began! 

Review Suicide Squad #2 Review 5.7

Suicide Squad #2 Review

With Superboy under her thumb, Amanda Waller sets her sights on Arkham Asylum.  Time for explosions!  Your Major Spoilers review of Suicide Squad #2 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Action Comics #1029 Review 7.7

Action Comics #1029 Review

As Superman falters, Superboy must become the hero he is destined to be.  Your Major Spoilers review of Action Comics #1029 from DC Comics awaits!

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