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Friday Sing-AlongMarvel

There are a number of ways to kick in the new year; a kiss from your lover, or a stranger (or both), watching all the sports ball games, reading comics, or even playing board games until the Sun falls below the horizon, but at Major Spoilers, we like to ring in the new year with a hearty dose of Ookla the Mok… because we can.

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Wiz Kids Games

While we receive tons of sold out and back to print announcements from publishers, it was a surprise to see a similar announcement from WizKids, makers of the HeroClix line.  Seems the Super Skrull: Illuminati figures have completely sold out, prompting the company to a first-ever brick figure reprint. “After the Crisis ‘Buy it by the Brick’ program, we did some serious evaluation of it in anticipation for Secret Invasion and built in the possibility of a reprint”, said Justin Ziran, Managing Director of WizKids. “With this second sell out, we’re glad to see that we succeeded in continuing to

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MarvelSneak Peek

Even if Matthew is not a big fan of all the Secret Invasion tie-ins, the complete Skrull invasion can’t be told without spilling into “a few” additional issues. Marvel has sent Major Spoilers two sneak peeks that tie directly into Secret Invasion – Avengers: The Initiative #16 and Black Panther #40.

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comic conventionCosplayMarvelWizard World

Jon, from Double Dumbass On attended Wizard World Philly this past weekend, and ran into any number of Skrulls running around the show floor. If there was this much Skrull cosplay on the show floor this year, I can’t wait until Marvel Apes hits store shelves. Take the jump for Jon’s complete report and a better look at ol’ green chin.

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In honor of Skrullapalooza week (that’s Secret Invasion week for you not on the Major Spoilers Funny Wagon)! Yes, we reviewed the album on a recent Major Spoilers Podcast, now you can experience the joy, humor, and kick-assishness that is Ookla the Mok and their song Super Skrull. [youtube][/youtube]

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