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Kick-Ass #18 Review

It’s Kick-Ass versus a deadly assassin… but is she dead already?  Your Major Spoilers review of Kick-Ass #18 awaits!

IDW Publishing Delta 13 #3

Delta 13 #3

Who knows what mysteries lie deep in the asteroid belt? Find out more in this preview of Delta 13 #3 from IDW Publishing.

Feature Comic Book Reviews for This Week June 06, 2018 06/17/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 06/17/2018

Welcome to the weekly rundown of comic book review from Major Spoilers. There is a lot of stuff on the site, but this is certainly the place to find all of the reviews we’ve written this week (and a bit more).


Delta 13 #2 Review

It’s impossible to avoid referencing it, so I’ll just come out with it.  In space, no one can hear you scream.  Now that I’ve got that out of my system, we rejoin the crew of an asteroid miner who have discovered something very, very odd about the chunk of rock they landed on in the previous issue.  Join our motley band in Delta 13 #2 as they discover some things are better left undisturbed.

Featured 30 Days of Night #6

30 Days of Night #6 Review

IDW’s reboot of 30 Days of Night ends in this violent final chapter. The survivors of the month-long night, led by Stella, gather to face the vampires who stalked and killed their loved ones in Barrow. Who lives, and who dies will be revealed in this final issue as Steve Niles’ epic retelling concludes!

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