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Solicitations A Man Among Ye #1

Top Cow announces A Man Among Ye

Time to set sail on the high seas and check in on what is going on with the pirates. In May, Top Cow launches A Man Among Ye from writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Craig Cermak.

Review The Butcher of Paris #3 Review 6.0

The Butcher of Paris #3 Review

Paris, 1944, and suspected serial killer Marcel Petiot is on the loose. Can the police track him down? Will the Nazis find him? Is he a member of the Resistance? Find out in The Butcher of Paris #3 from Dark Horse Comics!

Review The Butcher of Paris #1 7.7

The Butcher of Paris #1 Review

All is dark in the City of Lights.  In 1944, Paris groans under German occupation.  Residents, especially French Jews, live in fear of a knock on the door in the dead of night.  But it isn’t only the Nazi occupiers the citizens have grown to fear.  For while the jackboots of Nazism stride the streets of Paris during the day, at night, a lone fiend has been killing and killing and killing.  Who is he and will he be caught?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of The Butcher of Paris #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Review Devil Within #3 Review 7.3

Devil Within #3 Review

Samantha is desperately hoping that her love Michelle is merely crazy, and note demonically possessed.  Michelle might think she’s possessed, but she might also be mad.