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Major Spoilers Podcast #768: Static
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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Static brings a shock to the system, while the cover issue challenge continues to heat up. We also review Cult Classic: Return to Whisper #1, Wonder Woman/Conan #6, The Tick Season One, and The Terrifics #1.

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OMG, Milestone Comics is coming back!  ‘Course, not all Faithful Spoilerites were around in 1993 for the debut of that particular shared universe, but Retro Review has got your back!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Static #1 awaits!

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Today it was announced that Milestone Media will return to the DC Universe. These characters and titles will take place on Earth-M and will be spread across graphic novels, mini series and one-shot events. Characters mentioned at the panel to feature in the Earth-M stories include: Static Shock, Hardware, Icon, Rocket and Xombi with the tease of new heroes and villains to come. The Earth-M titles will be helmed by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Reginald Hudlin who worked on the fan favourite Static Shock cartoon series. Milestone titles were introduced in the 1990s through a publishing partnership with DC Comics and

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If you are saddened to hear that DC is cancelling Static Shock, then you need to check out this fan film that gives the character new life.

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DC Comics has announced it will be giving Static his own ongoing series (again) starting in 2011.   Felicia Henderson will take on the writing duties. “When I met Dan DiDio, the first character we ever discussed was Static. Writing Teen Titans gave me an opportunity to play with this character a little. Now he’s getting his own book and I’m writing it! I’m a big Dwayne McDuffie’s fan, so it’s a privilege to reimagine the coming-of-age of a character he created. If not for the big bang, Static would be a regular, awkward, teenage guy trying to find himself —

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Or – “I Always Wondered How That All Ended…” The early nineties were a good time to be a comics fan.  New universes were popping up everywhere, new characters abounded, new settings and premises as far as the eye could see…  These days, Barb Wire, The Strangers, Bloodfire and their ilk are most often found deep in the 3 For A Dollar bin, but even today, a few 90’s refugees have made their mark.  Odds are most of y’all only know the Milestone Universe as ‘that place where Static started, before his cartoon,’ but we are all about to witness

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