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Ten Things Ten Things The Jerk Version

Ten Jerk Versions

I just got a call from the store and they’re runnin’ out of these guys!  Welcome to Ten Things: The Jerk Version!

Ten Things

Ten Evil Batmans

They say every hero has their equivalent villain. Some heroes are more visible than others. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Evil Batmans!

Review Heroes Return #1 Review 8.3

Heroes Return #1 Review

The Avengers have gathered in Wakanda to fight for the true reality, but the Squadron Supreme of America has arrived to take them out, once and for all!  Your Major Spoilers review of Heroes Return #1 from Marvel Comics awaits!

Ten Things Ten Mythical Codenames Ten Things

Ten Mythical Codenames

It’s been said that supers are modern myths.  Sometimes, the influence is obvious.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Mythical Codenames!

Ten Things Ten Alternate Justice Leaguers Ten Things

Alternate Justice Leaguers

Banded together from remote galaxies come ten of the most powerful heroes of of all time!  Or at least, the next best thing…  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Alternate Justice Leaguers!

Ten Things Work From Home Ten Things

Ten Supers Who Work From Home

Not every super-type needs to swing across the rooftops to confront evil…  Some are much more comfortable at home!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers Who Work From Home!

Review Avengers #18 Review 7.0

Avengers #18 Review

The Squadron Supreme is back!  And this time, they’re legitimate…  sort of.  Your Major Spoilers review of Avengers #18 awaits!


Nighthawk #2 Review

Set in Chicago among escalating racial tension between citizens and police officers, Nighthawk follows the…

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