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Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Tiny Chest Circles

Here at Major Spoilers, we like to embrace the sublime and the ridiculous equally. Some things lean more one way than the other, though… Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Tiny Chest Circles!

Review Marvel Action: Spider-Man #2 7.0

Marvel Action: Spider-Man #2 Review

After learning Miles Morales secret, Peter Parker has to decide if he should share his own with the young hero. But first, the race is on to save the city from giant, mutated… raccoons? All the action you can handle and more can be found in Marvel Action: Spider-Man #2 from IDW Publishing!


Marvel announces True Believers: Spider-Man comics

You’ve watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse over a dozen times, and you are finally ready to dive into the fantastic world of comic books to see what other adventures await you. But darn it, if those comics aren’t so expensive. Marvel is set to release a number of classic Spider-Man tales as part of the True Believers series, which gives you those comics for only $1.00 each!

Review Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 Review 7.0

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 Review

Spider-Man teams up with Captain America to find missing children… but are they up to the challenge?  Your Major Spoilers review of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 awaits!

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