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Source Point Press announces The Eighth Immortal

Immortality and illumination. Writer Jacob Murray (Court of the Dead: Shadows of the Underworld) lures comics readers into a whole new realm of fantasy, before purgatory and undying, with The Eighth Immortal #1 from Source Point Press. Alongside the burgeoning and mystical anime artist, Alice Li Barnes, with cover art by Tiffany Turrill (Lucifer).

Sneak Peek No Heroine #1

[Preview] No Heroine #1

Next week, No Heroine #1 arrives from Frank Gogol and Criss Madd, and we have a sneak peek, just for you, from Source Point Press.

Review Broken Gargoyles #1 Review 9.7

Broken Gargoyles #1 Advance Review

Broken Gargoyles is an upcoming comic book mini-series from Source Point Press that follows the wretched survivors of war who are cast aside by a society looking forward to a thriving utopia while still hanging on to the world that used to be.

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Salvagers: The Wreck Raiders Part 3 Review

In the newest Salvagers chapter, the creative team lets the readers in on some more of what’s going on, and does it all with skill while managing several moving parts, making this issue a great read!

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