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Since its initial release, Little Big Planet has amassed a sizable fan-base and nestled itself as one of the cornerstone PS3 exclusives. Now I should probably mention that I haven’t played the first Little Big Planet, or any PS3 exclusive for that matter. It’s not that I’m anti-PS3 or anything; I just never got around to buying the system. Still haven’t. In fact, this review is being done on a friend’s borrowed console, but maybe that means I have the advantage in reviewing this game; my being completely ignorant of any fan-boy preconceptions means that I’ll be free to write

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There is other news today, but I have a feeling it will be overlooked.  Still, the world moves forward, as does Archie Comics with its announcement that it is offering digital versions of its comics on the PlayStation Portable.

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Sony has announced a new feature for PSP owners – comic books! At gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced the digital reader for PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable), a new service that will allow PSP owners to access a range of media on their PSP. The digital reader service will be launched with Digital Comics this December, putting PSP owners in control of a huge library of Digital Comics from several provider partners including—you guessed it,  Marvel! The Digital Comics service will allow owners to download select titles, which you can then read page by page or frame by frame.

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The Sony PlayStation 2 game, “Shadow of the Colossus” is being turned into a movie, according to Variety. Project, which proved a big seller for PlayStation and was produced internally by Sony Computer Entertainment, will build upon the vidgame’s fantasy setting of a solitary world with few characters other than the 16 enemies. Justin Marks, the guy who is writing the remake to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, is also writing the big screen tale of the Suicide Squad, and recently wrapped the Green Arrow: Escape from Supermax scripts for Warner Bros.  Marks looks to be all over comic book

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