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Press Release New York publisher Papercutz released GARFIELD & Co. #1 and 2 to an overwhelming response. Despite the heat of summer approaching, the publisher announced this week the anticipated release of the next two adaptations of the popular Cartoon Network series – both with a festive theme just in time for the holidays. In these upcoming volumes, readers between the ages of 6 and 11 will continue to experience capers of our legendary lasagna-eating feline along with colorful 3-D artwork. THE GARFIELD SHOW is one of Cartoon Network’s biggest hits – it airs every day of the week reaching

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Bluewater ProductionsPress Release

Press Release He seems to be everywhere; on television, in book stores and most recently, elbowed his way into the current political morass. But whether he’s “firing” reality contestants, running a billion dollar corporation, picking fights with celebrities or toying with the idea of a presidential bid, Donald Trump’s larger than life persona has been captured for an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic.

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