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So… uh… the kids over at the SciFi (SyFy) Wire have released a sneak peek at the costume design for the channel’s update to the classic comic strip character The Phantom. The Phantom stars Ryan Carnes (Desperate Housewives, Doctor Who) as the title hero and as his alter ego, Chris Walker, in this re-imagined version of the classic comic strip, which has been updated to the present day. Well there’s purple in the costume, but it reminds me a lot more of the costume design seen in Smallville than a classic hero from 1936.

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Oh Hellz Yeah!  Check out these limited edition DC Super Hero Shoes from Limited Soles and ACI International.  Sneaks that honor your favorite characters; Batman, Superman, and The Joker.  Yeah, I’m a bit confused on that last one, too as this is titled Super Hero Shoes.  But hey, BATMAN SHOES!

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