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Sneak PeekValiant Comics

Unity #8 is the first book to tie-in to the Armor Hunters arc from Valiant Entertainment, and the publisher sent us a sneak peek that you can check out, after the jump.

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FeaturedReviewVideo Game

I can see them through the brush—those red eyes, glowing like the waning embers of a fireplace. There are two: One is in a top hat, the other a derby, both mustachioed to an ostentatious degree and both resting their hunting rifles in the crooks of their arms. These gentlemen sentries have been scanning the countryside for the past 15 minutes. They’re looking for me. Their surveillance balloon has been drifting around near me, but so far I’ve been lucky enough to avoid its spotlight and the resulting klaxon. I’d like to fight back, but right now I’ve got to

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Dungeons And DragonsFeaturedGamingReviewwizards of the coast

The Dark Sun setting was originally printed in 1991 and, if a somewhat-fringe hobby like tabletop RPGs can be said to have cult classics, then the not-medieval, not-european-ish, not-tolkienesque world of Athas would certainly fit that bill. Now Wizards of the Coast has revived the oft misunderstood Dark Sun setting. And I have finally managed to get my hands on their first offering, “The Dark Sun Campaign Setting.” And let me tell you, dear reader that I haven’t bored to tears yet, it is full of surprises.

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