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There are two things I hate most in the world… there is also SMOSH, the tweener targeted YouTube “comedy” duo, who have just signed a deal to develop comics and graphic novels with Dynamite Entertainment.

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You’ve seen the cover for the first issue of Marvel’s Death of Wolverine, and now you want to see what the publisher has in store for you for issues #2, #3, and #4. Major Spoilers has you covered, Dear Spoilerite. (see what I did there? Of course you did…)

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This week, we take a look at ninjas in the theatres, college kids in tights, DC’s big three in limbo, and a gaggle of costumed goodness.  Rodrigo expands his horizons, Stephen brings the snark, and Matthew… does whatever it is that he… y’know, does.  You can write the next Great American Theme song, The life and times of the Mates, and a special bonus feature: How to spell “Bizarro!”  Join, us, won’t you, as we gaze into the Abyss, only to find Frank Gorshin giggling back at us.  Why is it Frank Gorshin, you ask?  I have no idea…  But

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Because a little snark on a Friday is a good thing. [youtube][/youtube]

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