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You know you want to see Modern Warfare 2’s Ghost and MGS4 Old Snake reenacting Top Gun’s volleyball scene.

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Fan FilmG.I. JoeHumorVideo

A new installment of Cos Patrol has arrived, this time pairing Snake with Roadblock, as Snake tries to take down an illegal body massage expert.  And now you know, and knowing is half the battle. [youtube]

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CosplayFan FilmHumorVideo

I think the title says it all…

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G.I. JoeMoviesTrailerVideo

What did the studio learn between the first G.I. Joe movie and the new one that is scheduled to arrive June 29, 2012?  Maybe how to make a movie that actually looks decent? Don’t believe me?  Check out the brand new trailer!

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The last time Leonardo DiCaprio’s name was mentioned in connection with Japanese anime was when his Appian Way production company picked up the rights to adapt Akira.  Leo must like the anime, as he’s snatched up another classic – Ninja Scroll. Ranking alongside “Akira” and “Ghost in the Shell” as one of the most popular animes outside of Japan, “Ninja” is set in feudal Japan and follows a ninja who must fight eight demonic warriors in order to save Japan. The hard-R movie, released in 1993 in Japan, featured a villain with stone skin, a hunchback with a wasp nest

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Silent DevilSolicitationsTrade Paperback

Silent Devil has announced it will collect the Matt Bergin and Jeremy Donelson mini-series Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers in trade paperback this fall. “Wait, did the other two issues ever arrive in the stores?” That is correct, after the release of the first issue, “circumstances” prevented the other two issues from being printed, thus the collected trade of the entire series. The new Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers collection includes the popular debut, “Five Hunnies”; two new full-length stories, “White Collar Crooks” and “The Union Files”; and bonus content such as an annotated

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Italian SpidermanVideo

It’s May 22, and that can only mean one thing; ITALIAN SPIDERMAN LIVES! Or at least the first episode. Enjoy! [youtube][/youtube] Oh my gosh, that was some good stuff.  I love the face ripping, the snake changing, the whole whipping the shotgun out from under the table and blasting the hell out of everyone. Oh, yeah, Italian Spiderman Ro><orz!

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