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Press Release Pirate Brands is pleased to announce the release of a Pirate’s Booty® limited-edition, themed multipack featuring Marvel’s® Avengers characters. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Black Widow all join the Superhero Pirate’s Booty Pirate to bring smarter snacking to kids of all ages.

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After the age of 30 I came to the conclusion that I don’t like walking around the house with orange stained fingers from those powdered cheese snacks (Doritos, cheesy poofs, etc.), and I can’t stand to eat those snacks while I play games or surf the Internet. I do, however have a love for these snacks (in moderation of course), and while living on the West Coast I started using chopsticks to eat these snacks. While some may think it slows down the eating, and others think it is completely weird, others have been using this technique years before I

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