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Marvel is attempting to entice new readers to it Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited experience by offering Pride & Prejudice #1 for free.  It’s a smart move by the company’s part as the second issue arrives in stores today. You can read the first issue here. via Marvel

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During the Radical Publishing panel at the 2009 New York Comic Con, Radical Publishing president Barry Levine made two interesting, and quite possibly two smart moves for the small-ish publisher.

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Vertigo has annouced that both Young Liars #1 and House of Mystery #1 have sold out at the distributor level, prompting the company to go back to press.  But instead of two reprints, Vertigo is combinging both issues into a 48-page flip book featuring the complete issues.  Best of all, Vertigo is keeping the price point at $2.99.  Smart move Vertigo! “We’re thrilled to see that two of our new monthly series are in such demand,” says Karen Berger, Senior VP – Executive Editor, Vertigo. “Now you can get the first issue of two Vertigo staples for the price of

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Okay, so TV Guide isn’t calling her the Flash, but the site is claiming Brea Grant (last seen on Friday Night Lights) will be speeding her way to the third season of Heroes as “The Speedster”. I doubt that will be the name used on the show (the part has her listed as Joy), but as the heroes move toward an organized group, having a speedster on the team is a smart move. Plus for the slobbering fan boys, she is a girl. via TV Guide

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